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One of the most intriguing things about Oracle VM is that it's a free enterprise-grade hypervisor.

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Valuable Features

I think the most intriguing thing about Oracle VM is it's an enterprise-grade hypervisor. So it handles all the virtualization, and it's free. You don't hear the word Oracle and Free a lot, but there's a lot of stuff at Oracle that is free and Oracle VM is one of those.

It does most everything that you need in the enterprise for a hypervisor for virtualization. I can run VMs in it, I can do farms of VMs, I can run Linux, I can run Windows, I can run Solaris, I have a lot of choices of operating systems. It does everything that you need it to do for most of your needs for hypervisor.

There's a lot of benefits with Oracle VM that I like. I've been working with 3.4.1 which just came out. I've been working that prior to release. There's some features there that they added like Live Storage Migration that is really a key feature for that enterprise ability in the environment. The other thing is how it handles what are called partitions, from a licensing aspect. When I have Oracle licensing challenges that I have with some of the other hypervisors, Oracle VM is able to be configured so I don't have those challenges.

Improvements to My Organization

Cloning VMs helps a ton, especially when interface into EM, so users can build their own sandbox environmentnt, complete with WebLogic AND Database

Room for Improvement

What features would I like to see in Oracle VM in future releases? I can think of a ton of them. Some of them are just coming out. Better disaster recovery, though they just introduced a new technology called Oracle VM Site Guard that's helped a lot in disaster recovery. I would like to see better integration to Oracle networking hardware, so that would be nice, the integration between the Oracle physical networking hardware, the S2 switches would be nice for that integration.

Use of Solution

For about 5 years now

Deployment Issues

Just issues on my part

Stability Issues

Not in newer versions, but 3.0.1 had some issues, of course that was years ago

Scalability Issues

Scalability of the solution, we use it all in our labs and we have some small production use. I also have clients that are using it, not had an issue with scaling systems very large. Getting into server individual pods or pools or servers, 16 nodes, no problem. Getting into farms running thousands of VMs, no problem at all.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Great, the few times I have needed it.

Technical Support:

Oracle technical support for OVM is one of the strong areas I've seen from Oracle support. The support staff are fairly knowledgeable on the product. I haven't had too many issues. When I had the few cases to open up as a port issue where they weren't able to help the surprising thing though with that is I haven't had to call Oracle support a lot for the product. It's a very stable product, very robust product. The number of tickets I've had to open up with Oracle have been minimal since I've been using the product heavily now for the last five years.

Previous Solutions

I think it becomes more of a why do you use it situation. One of the things is it's a cost savings. Since Oracle VM is free and the support's free when you have Oracle hardware, you don't have to pay the expense you pay with a lot of these other hypervisor packages out there. It's an immediate cost savings out of the gate. The other times you look at what do you want to run Oracle VM is when you have performance issue. The way it works technically under the covers, the lower level of the hypervisor, the VM runs faster and I get better performance. In small environments it's nice my application runs a little faster unvirtualized. In larger environments, it's actually a bigger deal. Not only do my applications runs faster but because of the efficiency I actually have to buy less hardware.

Initial Setup

Up and running with VMs in an afternoon. Easy!

Implementation Team

The initial setup for Oracle VM is pretty straightforward. Installing the hypervisor on what's called an OVS, Oracle VM Server takes maybe five minutes and you're up and running. Installing the management software itself, they may take a little longer, maybe an hour for a complete install from scratch before you're up and running, and it's all web based which is really nice. You don't have to have any special clients on it. Often I'll be managing the system either from Windows or even from my iPad.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The hard partiton technology really helps with Oracle licensing. For OVM, it's free!

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, but non could beat Oracle VM's price!

Other Advice

If I have to give it a rating between one and ten I would give it a nine. The reason I would give it a nine is there is some room for improvement with some of the areas in the manager. Some of the integration to the networking layer with the Oracle products would be nice.

My recommendation to peers is if you're looking at hypervisors, have an open mind. The market's not just dominated by single hypervisor. Look at the technology out there and give it a fair evaluation of what it's capabilities are.

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Robin Saikat ChatterjeeConsultant

I would like to see improved I/O and latency , hvmlite support. I love the fact that now we can go with hugepages even with the limitations we have because if yiou want to run a database then hugepages is the way to go. Of course now with Exalogic and PCA using OVM oracle has been concentrating on the Infiniband driverrs. Hopefully they will be able to dosomething about san and xenblk.

04 July 16
Thang Le Toan (Victory Lee)Real UserTOP 5LEADERBOARD

OVM, that it's a free enterprise-grade hypervisor. this is also considered to be the desire of the enterprise because that too many free virtualization vendors such as VMware's hypervisor by then. Even VMware Hypervisor helps configure the physical cost to run Oracle reduced that high performance, Oracle license can also reduce costs. you can refer to:
We are always looking forward to the continued progress of the OVM.

16 July 16
Systems administrator - Microsoft, Redhat, VMWare, Oracle VM at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employeesReal UserTOP 20

Support is free only if the hardware is from Oracle itself. So we cannot try any other hardware because of the cost savings

16 July 16
Enterprise Architect at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employeesReal User

John, it's free to download, free to run. Yes, you can pay for support. It even then the support is cheaper than what VMware charges for their support. So why not download it and run it?

16 July 16
PremjithNairReal User

We have been running Oracle ERP Production workloads since 2012 on OVM.

21 November 17
Jose FuentesReal UserTOP 20

could you run Windows Servers?

13 June 18
ADMReal User

Yes, you can run Window Servers in Oracle VM.

22 June 18
ADMReal User

Yes, you can run Window Servers in Oracle VM.

22 June 18
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