PagerDuty Review

We use it for alert/event routing, call scheduling and the API for billing.

Valuable Features

Its alerting capabilities, simple user interface, stability and functionality is exactly what we need. I would also highlight a fact, they have very responsive support, and API developers support. We mainly use it at GoodData for:

A) Alert/event routing from our product/monitoring system to the responsible DevOPS engineer who is on duty to fix/workaround issues reported. We mostly escalate to mobile/cell phones.

B) We use it for on call schedule resource planning as we have around 100 people using PagerDuty (mainly from engineering, support, services). Using their system, you basically know at any time who is working, when and which service he owns/is responsible for.

C) Billing/accounting. Using their APIs we are able to easily financially compensate those 100 people for their on-call duties. This might be country/geolocation specific.

Improvements to My Organization

We significantly reduce our first response and platform issue resolution times thanks to full 24x7 resource coverage for the whole product (not just operations support functions but also security, services and other areas).

Room for Improvement

We're fully satisfied with the type of service they offer. I think it might be cheaper for enterprise organizations.

Use of Solution

5 years.

Deployment Issues

Not at all, it is cloud based software, they are responsible for a whole software stack. We just use the client/web based interface and mobile app (Android, iOS) and we didn't have any issues as far as I know.

Stability Issues


Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Excellent and responsive.

Technical Support:

Very good.

Previous Solutions

No we didn't, but we evaluated a few alternatives before we started to use it - they were the winners at the time.

Initial Setup

Easy to setup and follow.

Implementation Team

We are fully self-service, we didn't use their services team for implementation/first setup.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

As we scaled we changed our pricing a few times based on the number of users subscribed to our service. Right now, with about 90 users we pay monthly around $1,200. You pay as you grow - from the basic model to the enterprise model which includes analytics.

Other Solutions Considered

We did, but I was not part of the team who did the evaluation. I do not have this information available.

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