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I could search for and select the large numbers of candidates I needed to contact and then send one email to all of them. The ability to pull reports was limited for us.

Valuable Features

I used the solution for bulk recruitment activities, so I personally really liked the ability to set up events, email large groups of candidates, and search based on application question responses. It allowed me to find information quickly with thousands of candidates, or set up assessment centres and send one email instead of hundreds.

The recruitment campaign I dealt with could have up to 3000 applicants at one time. The process had a number of steps, and often you’d need to move hundreds of applicants from one status to another and send invitation emails with instructions on the next step in the process. I liked that I could easily search for and select the large numbers of candidates I needed to contact and then send one email to all of them seamlessly. We also had some processes set up as “events” in the PageUp system; this is referring to the Physical Aptitude Tests and Assessment Centre days. I could easily set those up as events in PageUp and then invite the candidates to select their time slot. I loved that function. It made it SO much easier to work out the logistics of those days, and allowing candidates to book their own time slot was a lifesaver as it would have been a nightmare trying to do it for them.

Improvements to My Organization

I think it allowed a reasonably high ease-of-use for the bulk recruitment programs.

Room for Improvement

The ability to pull reports was limited for us. I’m not certain if this was because we weren’t paying for certain functions, or because the ability wasn’t there in the system.

The recruitment program I managed was the largest in the organisation in terms of applicant numbers. There were also a number of steps in the recruitment process, such as a physical assessment or an online test. Once candidates were moved out of certain “statuses”, e.g., from “Invited to Physical Assessment” to “Did Not Pass Physical”, it was very difficult to go back and pull reports for each stage of the process. At one point, we were doing a gender diversity recruitment initiative and I was asked to go back through the system and pull reports for previous recruitment campaigns. I found that after manipulating the system on my own and asking for technical support, the reporting function I needed specifically wasn’t really there. I’m not sure if there are added reporting functions you can purchase that we simply didn’t have, or if this is a limitation of the system. I had to go back and do a lot of manual counting of applicant #’s in order to give me the statistics I wanted.

Regarding the bulk recruitment activities in PageUp, you could only communicate with up to 500 candidates at one time. If you attempted to select more than 500 candidates, the system would freeze. For example, I often had to send online testing instructions to thousands of applicants. We figured this out fairly early and managed around it, but for someone who perhaps is using it for the first time and didn’t realise, this could be frustrating.

Use of Solution

I used the solution for 3.5 years.

Stability Issues

At times, the system could be slow, but again, this may not be the solution’s fault as our operating system was fairly outdated.

Scalability Issues

I’m not sure if we encountered any scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support was strong. I would give it an 4/5. I never waited long and generally was able to get support each time I needed it.

Initial Setup

I was not involved in the setup or purchase of the system.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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