Panaya SAP Upgrade Automation Review

Standout product in terms of flexibility and its agile technology.

Valuable Features:

There are a number of things I was completely sold on with the Panaya tool set but ultimately it was a standout product in terms of flexibility and its agile technology. During our planning of our upgrade Panaya was actually recommended to me by another company that I was familiar with. I am now returning the favour to others who do not know what this solution could do for their upgrade or indeed next support pack. To summarise the quick wins I felt Panaya gave our company & my SAP team:- Cloud Based solution that was so quick and easy to deploy (I am talking minutes not hours or days) - We were a small SAP team but Panaya is so simple to use – no real techies required - Cost effective - we saved ABAP resource & lots of time by using Panaya

Room for Improvement:

I am being brutally honest here when I say this but from a management/strategic point of view there are No nagatives. The only one area maybe I can say could be improved would be that maybe Panaya had an idetnity crisis when they launched the product & the test automation function could be percieved as a ‘halfway house’ to test automation – The tool itself is great for upgrades / support packs & analsysing the results but not so good on the automated testing tool (it certianly would not replace some of the market leaders out there) but I believe Panaya are already onto these elements to improve it in later releases. That’s my view anyway.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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