Panorama Necto Review
We didn't have many issues with deployment, however some performance issues need to be fixed before deploying to the wider community.

Valuable Features:

  • Good social and collaboration capabilities.
  • Fair amount of documentation available considering a relatively new tool
  • A very good self service BI tool
  • Allows connecting multiple data sources

Improvements to My Organization:

  • Has improved the performance of the data analyst team
  • Allows us to create dashboards quickly without much dependency on technical people

Room for Improvement:

  • The performance with large data volumes need to be improved
  • Allow us to integrate xls data files on an existing dashboard

Use of Solution:

Less than a year

Deployment Issues:

Didn't have many issues, however some performance issues need to be sorted before deploying to the wider community.

Stability Issues:

No, it's been pretty stable so far.

Customer Service:

Very good

Technical Support:

Very good

Other Solutions Considered:

Yes, we are evaluating this tool against other BI tools available in the market like Qlik and BO.

Disclosure: I work for the vendor.


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