Pentaho Business Analytics Review

We found workarounds to a couple of issues, but we spend too much time dealing with them. We're now evaluating other solutions.

With Pentaho we ran into a couple of issues - Multi-tenancy capability issues. We've found workarounds to the issues but our developers need to spend a great amount of time dealing with them.

We're looking to expand our product offering to our customers and we'd like to have the ability to give them better access to their data. Pentaho isn't proving to be a great solution for our needs.

Development time is currently too long for developing basic charts, dashboards and reports. All of these basic items take a long time to develop when using Pentaho. This costs us money and time.

Part of these issues is due to the fact that Pentaho documentation is pretty limited. We need to go ad hoc and pay a lot for additional training. There aren't many help files for our developers.

We're currently evaluating other solutions which will allow us to develop dashboards, charts and dashboards quicker while still taking the price point into consideration.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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