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PeopleSoft Review
The SOAP and REST features are the most valuable features. We can have multiple web services created and multiple consumers can use them together.

Valuable Features:

The SOAP and REST features are the most valuable features. What I like is that we can have multiple web services created and multiple consumers can use them together without any interruption or downtime. It helps us to have a very reusable kind of environment where we can have a single service that can be reused from multiple sources.

Room for Improvement:

I'd like to have a dashboard on a mobile app where I can check the health of all the servers and middleware, where I can get alert notifications if there are any critical services going or not going up at all.

I also think it needs to be a little bit more robust as we have faced some issues such as thread counts with stuck threads. These issues came up basically because of the huge volume of data transactions, so if something could be enhanced so as to make it capable of handling more data, that would be good.

There are load also issues with OSB, and it doesn't provide logs. What this means is that I cannot go and check what happened to my incoming or outgoing transactions.

Use of Solution:

We've been using it for more than two years.

Deployment Issues:

We haven't had issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

It is a stable right now from what we have experienced so far.

Scalability Issues:

It is good from a scalability perspective. It could have a different kind of feature such as OSB so that data can be consumed from it directly from the consumer or from an IPA gateway.

Technical Support:

I have not experienced many issues requiring me to contact technical support.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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