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We use the allocation tool and have pretty intense allocations, so that works pretty well for us.

Valuable Features

The allocation tool is probably the most valuable feature for us in PeopleSoft. With it, we can schedule it to run overnight and then find out what happened in the morning. Previously, everything had to be kicked off manually, and now we can just schedule a batch to run overnight. I don't have to actually run it because I just verify it.

Improvements to My Organization

There are definitely time savings and greater efficiency. We had a manual consolidation process, and when we updated to 9.1, we used that delivered process as well. I think over time, we're adopting more and more of what's delivered instead of the workarounds.

Room for Improvement

I know we're looking at the cloud, and I think we're tying to become more progressive, but I think that's just a cultural thing where it might be a little slower for a company like ours in that we're very concerned about security. Our company is in a paradigm switch where we were the quiet company, but now we're trying to become more outward-facing. We're doing more spots for, like, hosting the NCAA, advertising, and things like that. So I think they're pushing the solution out and trying to see how we feel, and I think culturally it's going to be a little slower for us. It's just a comfort level that we don't have yet have with PeopleSoft in cloud.

But as for specific features, I'd like to see integration of chart-fill requests so that I don't have to put it on a shared point and so it's readily available for a new account. I'd also like to see Financial Close Management sit on top of PeopleSoft instead of as a separate Oracle product.

Use of Solution

We use the allocation tool and have pretty intense allocations, so that works pretty well for us. Previous to upgrading to 9.1, we had a lot of customization. When we did that upgrade, we took as much customization out of that process, and now we're just using the delivered solution.

Deployment Issues

We sell products, are there seems to be screen after screen after screen of data, such as attributes. We don't really mine the data, so there's no use for us to have all that information upon deployment.

Stability Issues

We don't have stability issues with PeopleSoft itself but with the feeds coming into it. I don't know whether those stem from the source systems or not. Also, sometimes there are slow-downs, but that's generally due to server issues and not just PeopleSoft.

Scalability Issues

There have been no issues growing it, adding more users, more licenses, or more seats.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We had what I thought was a simply question about our consolidation process, but to ask Oracle support how to troubleshoot that was really difficult. They want you to build your whole system a demo environment; that's a lot of work just to answer what I think is a relatively simple question.

I usually Google issues and solutions, but to actually go to the support site, and I haven't had a lot of experience with that, but the back and forth seemed like they were asking a lot of really broad information and trying to scale it down.

Initial Setup

I wasn't part of the team that originally implemented it, but I was involved in upgrades. I think it was extremely difficult. I wasn't on the project, but I was there when they needed me, and inserted me where they needed me. We hired IBM to help us do that upgrade, and I think there were a lot of pain points. It was kind of a two- or three-year process. I think there was good and bad, but not perfect, but it was difficult.

Other Advice

You have to be flexible and open to ideas and know that it's not going to be a perfect solution. This isn't a reflection, I think, of Oracle or, in our case, IBM, our contractor. They were just the experts we brought in to help us.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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