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PeopleSoft Review
It can be used in many applications such as receivables, payables, and general ledger.

Valuable Features:

I like its wide variety and its use in many applications; receivables, payables, general ledger.

Room for Improvement:

I think the reporting can probably be improved; probably more detailed financial reports.

Use of Solution:

I have been using it for 10 years.

Stability Issues:

It's more or less stable.

Scalability Issues:

The scalability is fair.

Technical Support:

Technical support's gotten weaker over the years. I think that’s because there are fewer people; PeopleSoft's being phased out.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup is somewhat complex. You have to know what your business is and what you want to do.

Other Advice:

People are coming to this solution over others because they can't do it themselves, and I'm less expensive than the big vendors.

What sets it apart from the other products like this in the market is that they've been around for a while. They’re proven and tested; that's all.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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