Planview Spigit Review

Increases the omnichannel for communication, but the reporting is difficult and archaic to use

What is our primary use case?

We use it to engage all our teammates. We have about 1,800 teammates who are in 48 different locations. Therefore, we use the solution to engage with our teammates as a crowdsourcing tool where they can submit any of their ideas. Then, we can help validate some of those ideas, because all our teammates have access as soon as they are onboarded as new employees. They have access, so they have the opportunity to comment on any topics that are posted, uploading and downloading those as well. This helps us vet ideas, helps from the very beginning of the problem/solution fit if we feel like this is an issue that we need to look at, or if this is a gap in one of our business areas that we will need to explore a bit further.

We have an ATI, and that's how we integrated our two systems.

The solution is not on the cloud.

How has it helped my organization?

It increases the omnichannel for communication. Therefore, it is another way for people to interface where they may not do so otherwise. It's a good communication tool within our organization.

The solution enables us to consolidate duplicate responses from employees. If someone identifies a system enhancement, they'll replace that. For example, if there isn't an established workaround or we haven't been able to write a strong value statement because it isn't something worth pulling resources to fix, we will see the idea posted by other people. I think they are hoping that we will increase its visibility. Therefore, it is really easy to group those ideas, and we can say, "Please refer to this idea that was posted earlier in January. Here's the reason that it is not moving forward." 

We recently had one of these requests where somebody submitted an idea on a software system that is sunsetting. It's going to be replaced. We responded, "We understand that that's a great idea, but we're not going to implement anything today. However, we will take that input and insight from you and give that to the team who is building out the new platform." If that's not something the new software can solve for, perhaps they can build that into the code or they can look into that, fixing it on a future platform.

We haven't really had an idea which has come through the platform that has gone full scale to market.

What is most valuable?

The voting ability is its most valuable feature. Teammates can vote an idea up or down. They can also offer feedback, and that feedback is instantaneous. It is a tool which allows us to gauge the temperature of certain product enhancements. Our system enhancements are potential areas of gaps that we have in our business.

The solution’s functionality helps us to prioritize and select the best ideas. The voting and amount of activity an idea gets in the comments section helps us know how to move a presented solution forward to investigate it further or if it's something that we're not getting good engagement on because people haven't bought into the suggestion or identified it as a problem. This usually helps us to table ideas so we can focus our resources on the most valuable problems to solve. There are also sometimes teammates who say, "Yes, this is a problem. Here is my workaround." This helps with the collaboration as well.

What needs improvement?

We haven't really leveraged the reports. The reports are sort of difficult and archaic, e.g., how it downloads into Excel. They are not in a usable manner where other people can look at them. I personally will look at them, but the reports are not the easiest to generate from their system. This is an area for improvement.

Another area for improvement would be the ability to modify and update. Planview uses templates and forms that are tough to use. You can only input images, so you can't type. When you want to upload anything, you have to type on top of your image. This is a little difficult when you need to do any type of modifications on the aesthetic of the platform. Then, it will get a little complicated.

For how long have I used the solution?

Our organization has been using it for about four years. I am newer to the organization in the fact that I have used it for about a year and a half.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

We have not had any crashes, which is great. If we have any issues, the technical support has been great.

We use just one individual, an innovation manager, for deployment and maintenance.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

We have the Spigit platform fully scaled throughout our organization and every employee has access to it. As new teammates are onboarded, they have instant access. The engagement is pretty high with new teammates. Typically, when you have a process improvement suggestion, software enhancement, or sometimes questions, new teammates are usually great at engaging with the platform in the innovation space. I think that we have natural organic growth of engagement in the platform.

Our team isn't fully staffed. Probably when that happens, we will increase usage of additional functions that we're not using today.

How are customer service and technical support?

We moved single sign-on vendors. The tech support was a wonderful resource helping with that, as we had quite a few problems that were generated on our side. They were fabulous in helping us identify what our problem areas were and working through those so there was minimal impact to our 1,800 users.

How was the initial setup?

For implementation, there probably needs to be one more administrator. You probably need to have a team of administrators if you want to fully utilize all the tools which are available on the platform. It's hard for one or two individuals to be the primary administrator(s). While I'm sure this depends on the size of the organization, from our standpoint, this has been a challenge.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We used BrightIdea, who is a competitor of Spigit.

What other advice do I have?

This is a great platform that is another communication channel for our teammates.

We use the solution’s Insight analytics platform. However, our usage on it isn't that great.

I know that it does have the capability for end-to-end management on the lifecycle of ideas, but we just haven't leveraged that yet.

We have a robust survey and customer engagement platform. I wouldn't imagine the solution would be tied to that platform or move the needle on it at all.

I would rate the product as a seven (out of 10).

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