PostgreSQL Review

It allows us to focus on innovation rather than licensing costs.​

Valuable Features

JSON support, especially the new JSONB data type is valuable . We used to have a mix of PostgreSQL and MongoDB to solve some of the complex problem around data schemas, now, we rely solely on PostgreSQL as our main datastore. Same flexibility with rock solid performance.

Improvements to My Organization

PostgreSQL has been a key component of our business, it is a rock solid product with years of expertise behind it, it is more cost-effective than Oracle and allows us to focus on innovation rather than licensing costs.

Room for Improvement

JSON support although great, it still has some gotchas, querying and manipulating JSON will be one of the topics I'd like to see some improvement, still feels not natural to work with it.

Use of Solution

I've been using it for around four years.

Deployment Issues

There have been no issues with the deployment.

Stability Issues

We haven't had any issues with the stability.

Scalability Issues

We haven´t hit the point yet when scalability is a problem, but it would be nice if horizontal scalability comes out of the box

Customer Service and Technical Support

So far the community has been great with us, every time we have a question or not sure what is the best way to tackle a problem, we have encountered someone that is able to share his knowledge with us.

Initial Setup

It was pretty straightforward, initially our setup was not complex on purpose, we were looking for a simple yet reliable setup, that allows us to gain expertise before moving to a more complex one.

Implementation Team

All in-house. My advice is to try to keep things simple, it is harder to learn from complex setups where the setup itself is a problem too, work on complexity once you feel comfortable with the expertise you have gained.


In our case, our ROI is very high, we do not pay for licensing, we use the community version of PostgreSQL and sometimes use companies that provide a hosted PostgreSQL.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Oracle, MongoDB and CouchBase. Although those seem to be different products, they have some common features that worked for us, we decided to go with PostgreSQL because of its reliability and proven track record.

Other Advice

PostgreSQL is a great product, very mature and is evolving into other areas beyond SQL, in this times of connected devices and big data analytics, PostgreSQL can still be considered one of the key components and works very well with others. Being reliable is still one of the best ways to get a good ROI.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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