PRTG Network Monitor Review

Finally a system monitoring tool that is easy to deploy and simple to use.

Valuable Features:

First let me start by saying I have been using system monitoring tools for a very long time. I first cut my teeth with HP Openview "back in the day" and most recently with Microsoft System Center which I have now completely replaced as a monitoring and alerting system with a bit of software called PRTG from a company called Paessler.Here are the top 10 strong points of PRTG: - Rapid deployment - But, there are best practices for sure... - Highly scale-able - Intuitive interface - quick learning curve - Inexpensive to license - Accurate - Works with most infrastructure without customization - Updated often and very easy to update - Good support from the vendor - Kind to diskspace consumption - not sure how they do it! - Easy to re-architect as your infrastructure changesMy company runs a large scale SAAS infrastructure with a large mix of technologies. PRTG is the first software product we have used to accurately alert the right people of trouble. This has been a huge boost in customer satisfaction for sure.

Room for Improvement:

There is not much not to love in this software but one item on my wishlist that has yet to be addressed in an intuitive way is the ability to use and manage templates. This would allow you to apply templates easily and then modify templates easily.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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