PTC Integrity Review

One admin can manage multiple servers with the same configuration, but the usability needs to be improved.

Valuable Features

All the features are valuable, including:

  • NPI
  • Requirement management
  • Test management
  • Project management
  • Defect management
  • Source and configuration management
  • Review and audit management
  • Agile

Improvements to My Organization

  • This tools improve teams productivity, a lot of flexibility for automation.
  • One admin can manage multiple servers with the same configuration.
  • If a team is doing off line testing, then 2,500 test results can be updated in two and a half minutes, meaning a saving of 40 man-hours when compared to users updating results manually.

Room for Improvement

Usability, and the human factor, and if they improve this then i would rate this 10/10.

Use of Solution

I've been using it for seven years. Alongside Subversion, I have managed and deployed following tools:

  • SVN (one year- Deployment across organization globally)
  • MKS/Integrity/MKS Integrity/PTC Integrity (for the last seven years for the entire ALM (V model/Agile))

I have also evaluated other ALM tools and supporting applications:

  • JIRA (Evaluation along with Greenhopper Plugin)
  • Mingal (for Agile)
  • Doors
  • Clearcase
  • Fisheye
  • Crucible
  • Many other online tool

Deployment Issues

No issues as such, it was very smooth.

Stability Issues

It's highly stable when compared to other tools I have evaluated.

Scalability Issues

There's no issues, as this is an enterprise-level tool.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

I previously used another tool but the business changed to Subversion because of the features it offered.

Initial Setup

It was straightforward.

Implementation Team

I implemented it without any vendor support, but I asked the vendor to evaluate our deployment and solution.


Again, this depends on the team size and and future prospects. I would say on average $70,000 (this may be on the low side but is also based on the business requirement), but minimum cost is $30,000-$36k,000. One person can manage more than seven integrity application servers, not considering development and support.

Other Solutions Considered

  • SVN
  • JIRA
  • Contur
  • Doors
  • Mingal
  • GreenHopper
  • ClearCase

Other Advice

There are so many factors which you have to consider before you decide on a tool. In conclusion, if the project duration is short, the team size is less, then go with an open source low cost solution. Otherwise, if the project duration is long term, and the team size is big, then go with a COT integrated tool suite.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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