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Qlikview compared to other BI Tools

Qlikview is one of the older names in Business Intelligence software since it’s been around since 1993. It’s known as being particularly easy to learn, which is important for quickly training employees and getting them up to speed.

Business intelligence tools are applications that deal with Business Objects and that help with analysing and presenting data. For the most part, a BI tool will be working with data that’s already been in-putted into a system, and you’ll simply be using the BI application to work with that particular data set, though there are exceptions. The best business intelligence software for you though will depend on what you need, since there are many pros and cons of various BI programs.

-- Cons --

Qlikview has strong features all around, but there are other clients that tend to be somewhat better when it comes to certain features. For example, Tableau actually has a free reader integrated into it, which makes offline viewing considerably easier than the limited viewing capabilities while offline that Qlikview has.

Qlikview also struggles when it comes to integrating GIS data, which can be pretty important for topographic and geographic analysis and presentation. Other programs having mapping abilities integrated into the client, for example. Qlikview also struggles when it comes to multidimensional support, and support for things like xVelocity or Power Pivot.

While Qlikview excels in ease of use, there are many alternatives out there like Tableau and OLAP that tend to be better at analysing data in a deep and thorough way, and with support for all of the other applications and data sets that you may need.

-- Qlikview Pros --

An advantage of Qlikview is that it takes a very small amount of time to implement. It’s even better at this than other similar software such as Tableau. Another advantage that Qlikview has is that it has a significantly larger Partner Network than many of the alternatives.

Additionally, Qlikview has development scripting that tends to be superior as well. The 64-bit in-memory of Qlikview is among the best of any software BI package period. Qlikview has good interactivity with the UI, solid visual controls, and extensive compatibility with both web clients and especially with mobile clients. Qlikview also has considerably more mature features when it comes to data interactivity and visual drilldown as well. It’s easier to deal with the visualization aspect of the program than almost any of the competitors, including Tableau.

The best feature for Qlikview tends to be the visual drill down which it just does better than any other client. You can hardly go wrong with all of the extras Qlikview like MDI support, as well. The software shines when it comes to ease of use and learning curve. If you need to implement a BI solution fast and without hassle, Qlikview is often the best way to go.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Here are some other drawbacks of Qlikview
• Qlickview doesn’t offer multi user development environment means multiple developers can’t work on a single project.
• You can’t see the SQL generated behind a query.
• It has no graphical user interface available for creating users, roles and privileges.