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We now have set up and shared dashboards across our services. Not all the features are available for Mac users.

Valuable Features:

Dynamic dashboards is definitely the most valuable feature. You select your filters and all your graphs and tables are automatically updated; it really saves time when doing analysis! 

Improvements to My Organization:

Thanks to Qlikview we have been able to set up and share dashboards across our services. We can monitor our internal productivity and revenue, but as well our client’s activity and be proactive if we see a sudden change in volumes. We also monitor our service levels.
Qlikview is giving visibility to our directors and VP , accounts department, as well as operational managers who can follow on their teams productivity. 

Room for Improvement:

Qlikview is very intuitive and user friendly compared to other solutions, however I regret that some of their features are not available for Mac users.

A build your own report feature on standard .qvw would be great. Qlik has recently launched Qliksense, it answers this need but we cannot use the Qliksense feature on Qlikview reports. An all-in-one solution would be perfect.

Use of Solution:

Since 2008

Deployment Issues:

Initial database set up was the main concern.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is good, however we mainly use the Qlikview community. We can reach out to other users / developers who are always available to help.

Previous Solutions:

Before Qlikview we had 2 BI solutions : Cognos and Hummingbird. Hummingbird was more a database extraction tool available for our clients. We then developed our own operational web-based database for our clients to check their transportation invoices and extract instantly the data they needed for reporting purposes. When this solution was live and operational we stopped Hummingbird as it did not make any sense to maintain both solutions.

In parallel, Cognos was our BI tool for dashboards/ graphs. We decided to change to Qlikview since Cognos was more complex in terms of development and less user friendly. 

Initial Setup:

I would say straightforward. Training was provided by our supplier, and our developers already had BI knowledge . 

Implementation Team:

Our vendor (Decideis) helped us with the initial set up and training; we then deployed the solution ourselves.

We are really happy with their knowledge of Qlikview. 

Other Solutions Considered:

Cognos was evaluated and Qlikview was highly recommended by one of our customers.

Other Advice:

Define precisely your needs, your budget and the resources available to set-up, deploy and maintain the solution. There are different solutions on the market, choose the one that will answer your needs. 

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Have you evaluated other tools? What made you chose Qlikview over anything else?

Note: I work with DataRPM and just curious to know your thought process / budgets - whatever you can share.

07 January 15
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