QlikView Review
It improves development productivity and allows self-help BI.

Valuable Features:

The ability to build models that allow business users to do their own what-if analysis on the correct data.

Improvements to My Organization:

The business was previously using Crystal running on top of hardcoded SQL stored procedures and Qlikview. Qlikview improves development productivity and allows self-help BI.

Room for Improvement:

I would like to see more ‘drag and drop’ functionality as, in my opinion, there is still too much coding required to join tables correctly.

Use of Solution:

I have been using this solution for 18 months.

Previous Solutions:

As mentioned, we previously used Crystal as well as Oracle OBIEE and both are inflexible and time-consuming.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup was very straightforward, plus the team had set up Qlikview previously.

Implementation Team:

We used a vendor team for implementation and that’s probably the way to go first time around, but there must be a skills transfer.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Qlikview are always willing to negotiate pricing, especially if you mention that you are evaluating Tableau as well.

Other Advice:

Don’t believe the sales talk that you don’t need a datamart or data warehouse to run Qlikview on top of. It can run against ERP data but then the queries get very complicated and cumbersome.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We have done joint BI and EIM projects together in the past.

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