QlikView Review
We use it to track information on service desk tickets and SLAs.

Valuable Features:

The most valuable feature is its flexibility to develop dynamic analysis, gathering information from different sources, such as spreadsheet, database and internet.

Improvements to My Organization:

With QlikView, my organization is able to track information related to service desk tickets and SLAs. This information helps us find the bottlenecks and fix them.

Room for Improvement:

Reports module should be improved to make it user-friendly and easy to develop reports.

Use of Solution:

I have used it for eight years.

Deployment Issues:

I did not encounter any issues with deployment, stability or scalability.

Technical Support:

I rate technical support 8/10.

Previous Solutions:

We used to have IBM Cognos, but we decided to go for QlikView because of the flexibility and the short time to develop and delivery analysis.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup had medium complexity due to different data sources and integrations.

Implementation Team:

We developed it in-house. The advice I would give is to get the business user (internal client) as close as possible and in parallel for any doubts and questions about the tool. Visit QlikView forums We have a lot of useful information on it.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Proper planning is the key for choosing the right license for the right user. Know your internal clients and their ability to do/create analysis.

Other Advice:

It's s one of the best solutions for short-time deliveries.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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