QlikView Review
It provided previously unknown intelligence. Cost and performance issues were too great to overcome.

Valuable Features:

I would say the most valuable part was the ease of use.

Improvements to My Organization:

This product gave us intelligence on our business which was previously unknown.

Room for Improvement:

I would like to see the price reduced and the speed to be much, much better.

Use of Solution:

I used this solution for approximately two years.

Deployment Issues:

I did not encounter any deployment, stability or scalability issues.

Previous Solutions:

This product was in place when I joined the company. I did not take part in the decision of this solution.

Implementation Team:

This was an in-house implementation. We had the technical resources available to install it.


Although we were able to gain insight into our organization, the pricing and performance of the system were too great to overcome.

Other Advice:

Since we stopped using it, there might have been some improvements to the speed of the reports and also to the pricing structure. At the time I was using this software, there were several comparable solutions at a fraction of the cost. The other solutions also performed better with less resources.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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