QlikView Review
I like the connectivity integration options and load script engine.

Valuable Features:

  • Load script engine (or "ETL" ability)
  • Connectivity integration options
  • Data visualizations / dashboarding

Improvements to My Organization:

As a start-up, projects need to move fast and this product has enabled us to have data solutions ready when the business needs it.

Room for Improvement:

  • Better compatibility with Qlik Sense
  • Better support for non-Microsoft platforms
  • SFTP support in the load script
  • More built-in connectors

Use of Solution:

I have used it for three years.

Deployment Issues:

We wanted to upgrade to version 12 but had two models that were not reloading as expected and had to revert.

Technical Support:

Technical support is good.

Previous Solutions:

We chose this product because we needed to connect to the source system and report directly from it.

It was already established when I started.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup was straight forward. The only challenge is maintaining a custom user directory by hand, because of a lack of Active Directory in the organization.

Implementation Team:

Now we do everything in house. At the very beginning, before I started, we had vendor support.


ROI is tricky to measure but I'll give some examples:

  • Finance can now do month-end statements in one day instead of seven.
  • We can determine if a new product in a new market will be profitable within weeks of launching a pilot.
  • Engineering is free from having to run database queries to answer business questions.

Other Advice:

You need at least as much RAM on your server as the largest database table you will read, and it can't be a virtual installation.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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