QlikView Review
KPI uniformity across all departments has improved problem-solving efficiency.

Valuable Features:

  • The way data is loaded, transformed and stored in one single file with a high compression rate
  • The development flexibility allowing almost any type of relationship between data from disparate sources

Improvements to My Organization:

Uniformization of KPIs across all departments brings efficacy and effectiveness to coworkers in problem solving.

Room for Improvement:

Performance at front-end level could improve but usually there is a workaround - by reducing application size, splitting applications or the way the UI is presented - without affecting user experience.

Use of Solution:

I have used it for two years.

Stability Issues:

There can be issues in terms of stability during usage peeks. In these situations, the server can experience short down times. Again, many of these situations can be prevented by using the best development methodologies.

Technical Support:

Technical support is very good. They are always available on providing guidelines.

Previous Solutions:

There are other data visualization tools similar to QlikView. Spotfire, for example, has incredible UI possibilities, but I think QlikView is very ahead in the competition in terms of solution flexibility.

Initial Setup:

QlikView setup is very straightforward, only requiring server parameterization in terms of ODBC and the QlikView Server. It is not complex when compared to similar products.

Implementation Team:

It was implemented by an in-house team; some persons on the team had previous experience with QlikView. The learning curve is very quick, but the best practices provided by Qlik must be followed from the beginning of implementing the QlikView architecture.

Other Advice:

Due to the quick development of QlikView applications, best practices cannot be disregarded. (For example, load only fields/tables that users need to be available in the application’s layout. When the number of applications starts to increase, this can seriously affect user.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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