QlikView Review
The Set Analysis Wizard allows us to create subsets in a smart, fast way. It allows you to control the results, taking into consideration user clicking and selecting data.

Valuable Features

  • ETL functionality is hugely important, as data rarely are provided smooth and clean, even when the assumption is it has been cleaned beforehand. Plus, usually in BI, we need to create custom groupings, and being able to do that in script ad-hoc is very helpful
  • Scripting for loads, with lots of functions, and insert script possibilities all provide extremely good flexibility for development.- Overall flexibility and ease of development is great for ad-hoc quick fixes, quick workarounds, which happen in BI
  • Set-analysis function, unique for QV, is an awesome way to create subsets, literally under any chart/table/text box needed in a smart, fast way (replaces long expressions such as “if...then...“). It also allows you to control results, taking into consideration user clicking and selecting data.
  • Associative model is super handy to just take an overview of data quality through visual associations (power of grey).
  • Data governance is an extremely usable feature; there is no need for BI to build its own app, and it helps with licence monitoring.

Improvements to My Organization

With QV, literally all departments across the company have started “owning” data in terms of getting hands on data, knowledge about data, how it is built up, and the ability to slice and dice, add, expand, or decrease the size or granularity of their own reports.

This in turn has in general decreased the “fear” of touching applications on computer. With backups maintained by IT, people are given more freedom to try and change applications themselves.

Room for Improvement

Regex. Cleaning out data during script regex could be really handy.

Otherwise, I am having a hard time thinking of any other areas with room for improvement.

Use of Solution

I have used QlikView 9 for two years, I am trained and certified on
QlikView 11, and I have used QlikView 12 for half a year.

Deployment Issues

I have not encountered any deployment, stability or scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have not had direct contact. Currently (with Qlik Sense), I am working with Qlik local partners, not directly.

Previous Solutions

Before QlikView, Excel was used across the company. At the same time, we had SAS Web Reporting Studio provided by my company’s headquarters, which was very far from even being considered to be used for anything beyond just comparing total sales numbers if the QlikView reports were in line.

Initial Setup

I remember it being set up with the first production app running in three days. So, initial setup was straightforward.

Implementation Team

Implementation was done in-house.

Other Solutions Considered

During the selection of the local BI tool, the choice was between IBM Cognos and QlikView. We were naturally showcasing to management how easy it is to use the UI, and the latter one was chosen.

Other Advice

I think it is the best BI product out there, competing only with its own “brother” Qlik Sense. (While the latter is not that mature yet, it is definitely growing in power extremely fast.)

QlikView is a good choice!

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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