QlikView Review
It provides an easy way to grant access to all data or just bits of it to specific users.

Valuable Features:

The best features of QlikView are:

  • The fast and easy process of extracting data from multiple sources (DB), although having duplicate data in the source files creates a mess.
  • The intuitive way of creating dashboards for finance, sales, BPM, etc.
  • The display and drill-down access to detailed information, graphic interfaces are easy to create and dynamic using just one pivot table.
  • The easy way to grant access to all the data or just bits of it to specific users.
  • The capability of QV to handle .pdf files.

Improvements to My Organization:

As an example, today we have our budget information from different areas in one summary page. Numbers are updated fast and easy in the web browser. This has given crystal clear info for all the users that have access to the model. Hard data and dynamic graphs give a clearer and accurate view of the data. Filtering saves a lot of time when doing presentations to the top executives of the company; any question is answered in real time with just a few clicks.

Room for Improvement:

I would like to perhaps be able to have preloaded and editable examples of models created by QV experts that can be customized for our specific needs, instead of starting from scratch anything we need to work on.

I work an electric utility in Mexico, therefore we build QV models and dashboards specific to our industry (electricity, gas, nuclear generation, asset management, executive reporting and such). 

Right now, we have to build our models from scratch, if we could have access to prebuilt models for our specific industry and line of business it would be very useful and time saving. 

Other Advice:

It’s important to understand that the quality of the final data will have a direct relationship to the source of information. You can really apply here the phrase "Garbage in-Garbage out". Because once QV is up and running, almost everyone will turn to the dashboards as THE source of information, it’s imperative to be sure the source of data is flawless.

It’s a great BI tool to convert raw data coming from several different sources into a dashboard full of in-depth knowledge, to do proper information analysis and make accurate decisions for the company.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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