QlikView Review
Preparing daily reports without requiring additional manpower was the biggest benefit.

Valuable Features

We appreciate the different methods how data can be provided to a developer, designer and end users. Develop new reports from production databases to final reports without additional tools and
the high-performance loading data from database without any performance issues on the database environment. The loading performance of QlikView data container.

Improvements to My Organization

With the solutions of QlikTech, we are able to provide management with requested reports with proven data within a short time.

We can scale the user properly for the report environment in different and multiple ways.

Preparing actual daily reports without requiring additional manpower was the biggest benefit for our company.

Room for Improvement

We would like to provide our customers with reports in PDF or other popular formats that are not included in the publisher; additional licenses are required for the print and PDF tool. From my point of view, a reduced functionality for this should be included with Enterprise Server Edition or Publisher.

But so far, every new version includes new benefits for us.

Use of Solution

We have used QlikView since 2010. That includes one year of testing QlikView Personal Edition for development and comparing the functions with our previous BI solution. We started using QlikView in production at the end of 2011.

Deployment Issues

We implemented different versions of QlikView within a few years, starting with version 8, Small Business Edition to Enterprise. We also moved to new hardware environment, but never had any issues. All versions we had in production were always stable. At the same time, we never used the first release of a new version for the server environment; the QlikView application has always been tested. Developing and deploying new reports are always tested in test environment before we publish. Scalability of reports should be considered separately.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Issues with the software itself are really rare; we just needed help implementing license keys after installation because direct internet access on the server was not available one time during setup. We always get help within a short / acceptable time. Normally, we just use the big user community for further help or information.

Previous Solutions

Before 2012, we used SAS and Crystal Reports for reporting and BI. When we started looking for other solution, we evaluated the new version of Crystal Reports, but there was no comparable alternative to QlikView.

Initial Setup

A comprehensive concept for the initial setup is very important; there are various ways to implement the server infrastructure. If the concept was done properly, implementation might be complex but not difficult. We never had to contact QlikTech for additional support.

The documentation itself, user forum and several tech days was always helpful to start.

Implementation Team

We implemented the whole environment without any additional support. Before we start working with the product, we organized in-house training from a vendor partner for developers and report designers based on our requirements.

My advice for implementation is to create a team made up of developers and IT department staff to set up the concept for test and production environments.

Training for IT and developers is available from the vendor, or if you organize in-house training from the vendor partner. Provisioning of data should be the responsibility of the IT department. You can also plan to have the vendor or vendor partner implement the product.


The vendor offers multiple possibilities for getting started with QlikView. It also depends upon how many reports you need for initial go-live. Starting with the Small Business Edition or Enterprise depends on the company size and the number of users who will work with QlikView.

Other Advice

The only important advice is to take enough time for the concept of the future environment.

That will make it easy to implement all needed add-ons with future changes.

Follow the vendor’s suggestions for scale responsibilities (IT, developer, designer and end user).

The Qlik user forum will be always helpful to find a solution.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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