QlikView Review
Enables us to build complex models very quickly and helps with data visualization

Valuable Features

Its ability to build, very quickly, very complicated models. In our case, we use for this modeling for the calculation of cost allocation and transfer price and the like. It is very helpful. It's a really powerful tool in modeling creation.

Improvements to My Organization

It has helped us to implement the accounting management system and provide a very comprehensive solution for this. Also, I already mentioned cost allocation system, transfer pricing.

It's also very helpful in visualization of the data from our operation systems. Because we are a bank, data creation is very important for us, so it's another model.

It covers many things, including current exposure, the coverage of loans, etc. In these areas, it's the most comprehensive and most helpful of the tools we're using, based on this platform.

Room for Improvement

I would say it's not negative, but it's an issue because we also use other tools, like SAP BusinessObjects, for a long period of time, which is another product in the business intelligence area.

Improvement in collaboration, between that and publishing of reports and publishing of models. Probably that could be more comprehensive, from my point of view.

Use of Solution

Four or five years, already.

Stability Issues

Yes it's stable. Not 100% but, really, compared to other products, it's a stable product. It's controllable. And the maintenance received from local partners is very good, at a very high level.

Scalability Issues

No problems.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We have both technical support and support in the development model from the local partner of QlikView. I would rate it at a very high level.

Previous Solutions

Because the majority of BI tools are focusing on processing a significant mass of data, we were looking for a more analytical tool with the possibility to quickly build models, and we found it. On the other hand, QlikView has some constraints due to the architecture, so it may not be applicable for millions and millions and millions of data records because it requires significant expenses for the hardware. But, as an analytical tool, it's very interesting.

Initial Setup

It was very easy because we started by using the free version of QlikView. After that, we bought everything, including a server license. So, we had no problems with this.

Other Solutions Considered

At that time, we already had BusinessObjects as a BI tool in our bank, with SAP Crystal Reports, for example, as a part of BusinessObjects. At that time, in the market, there were no alternatives in this respect, so our choice was very precise because already we used this tool and we decided to buy it.

Other Advice

I would recommend this product. We have a lot of reference meetings because we were the first bank in the country to implement it, this platform. So we're meeting our colleagues who are working not only in the banking industry but from telecom, from the pharmaceutical industry, etc. We recommend it.

It's one of the best products in this segment, for BI, for the automation of analytical activity within the bank or within the company. It doesn't 100% cover everything, but in the area, it works very well.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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