Qualitia Review

Unlike Selenium, it enables us to configure multiple test cases at once.

Valuable Features

Qualitia is a complete test automation tool where you can configure multiple test cases at once. We used Selenium before and it was hard to configure multiple selenium test cases once a time for several projects.

Improvements to My Organization

Testing of our products at customer side is always hard. Our products can be pretested on local virtual machines BEFORE bringing them to customer side.

Room for Improvement

Licensing and missing import/export functionality was a problem. We had a license for our company but systems which should be tested where deployed on customer side. Easy import and export functionality would be great.

Use of Solution

Almost 2 years

Deployment Issues

The tool had little problems with German machines. We got some patches to make it work.

Stability Issues

Not yet

Scalability Issues

Not yet

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support was quick and helpful

Previous Solutions

We used Selenium. Qualitia is a test automation tool which was using Selenium at this time. So Qualitia brought us some speedup.

Implementation Team

In House.

Other Solutions Considered

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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