Quality Center Review
Flexible, customizable and easy to integrate, but high licensing cost

Valuable Features:

* Flexible licensing (In-house hosting or Cloud-based). * High capacity. Have heard of two Telco clients who have up to 4,000 licenses each. * Easy to use * Highly customizable * Can be integrated with a variety of automation tools * Can be integrated with a variety of Requirements Management tools * Can be integrated with a variety of Defect Tracking tools * Can store pretty much all testing artifacts (requirements, test cases, defects, automation scripts, and miscellaneous files) * Good linking between requirements, defects and test cases * New version of Quality Center comes with an advanced test case runner called "HP Sprinter". * Highly customizable reporting (now uses VBA for formatting reports) * Good technical support from HP and specialized consulting firms * Lots of new features being rolled out by HP including Business Process Testing (BPT) module which is at the cutting edge of testing (manual and automation wise) * HP is also adding new features for Total Application Lifecycle Management (including Performance Testing Module, Project Tracking Module, etc)

Room for Improvement:

* High licensing cost. * The Version Control feature is still quite primitive.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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You said that Quality Center can be integrated with a variety of automation tools. Can you give us some examples, please?

21 January 14

HP-QC can be integrated with "any" tool that can access Windows COM interface. This is because HP-QC's OTA interface (used for integrating with third party tools) is a COM interface (a Microsoft technology). So naturally, languages like Java will not be able to access the COM interface and therefore not able to interface with HP-QC.

Examples of tools that can be integrated with HP-QC are TestComplete, Selenium (if programming using C#, Python or Ruby), SilkTest, Ranorex. Not sure about AutoIt because it uses its own proprietary language and may or may not support COM interfacing.

24 January 14

Hey Alin, Kovair Integration platform can integrate QC with test automation tools like QTP & RFT. Moreover Kovair platform supports integration between 50 + ALM & IT tools.

You can learn more here: http://www.kovair.com/list-of-tools-integration-from-kovair.html

29 May 14

Whats is the cost of License spanning 200 Projects and 3000 Users ?

16 June 15
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