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Documentation of how to customize beyond the basics is very difficult to find. Overall, the quick creation of reports, notifications, and new fields has made using this product very useful.

Valuable Features

The quick creation of reports, notifications, and new fields has made using this product very useful. As we are constantly starting new types of projects that need different data to be captured this is a must.

Improvements to My Organization

With the notifications and reports administrative time has been cut by more than half. As these functions are needed first on a daily basis in order to schedule that day this has made an amazing impact on our day to day business.

Room for Improvement

Documentation of how to customize beyond the basics is very difficult to find. Most items are some form of the user base rigging something to imitate the desired behavior.

Use of Solution

3 Years

Deployment Issues

There were no issues with deployment. The QuickBase support team was very helpful in making sure everything worked and were able to help resolve any issues prior to deployment.

Stability Issues

Yes, we had speed issues but this was solved as we had some unusual characteristics of how our database was structured. QuickBase was able to help advise on the needed changes and help resolve the issues.

Scalability Issues

We have not encountered any scalability issues. We do not use it to the extent of other organizations and so I do not see this every being a problem. Currently we manage over 7000 projects in our main database without issue.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I would give CS a 9 out of 10. They are very responsive and helpful. The support portal is easy to navigate and the cases are easy to follow and view their status.

Technical Support:

I would rate their technical support as 8 out of 10. They are very helpful but cannot or will not help with certain areas of customization. This is usually the types of customization that other users have had to resort to odd implementations of javascript or other languages as the software has not been upgraded to included some functions.

Previous Solutions

We were previously using excel and so the need to switch to a better means of project management was felt by everybody. This was a service that we were somewhat familiar with from some of our clients and so was looked at first.

Initial Setup

Straightforward. The UI makes it very easy to get up and running. At its easiest setup can be as simple as importing a current excel file. This then allows for the creation of reports and notifications which will make access the data faster and more manageable. Beyond this takes more time but does not increase much in difficulty.

Implementation Team

We went with an in-house approach to implement QuickBase. This did cause some issues due to the need to learn the service first but was not overly difficult. This did have a downside as we did not have an expert in-house to create the highly useful databases that a vendor is able to do.


We save roughly 50% on the associated tasks. We have not taken the time to really calculate the ROI as it is noticeable that our day to day business is much more efficient.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Ultimately the setup cost was a couple months of overhead for (1) employee creating everything and testing the database.

Other Solutions Considered

Upper management may have looked at other options but did not really take much time with this if they did. We were already familiar with the service as we had clients who were using it.

Other Advice

I would make sure that when planning the database you make the effort to make sure that your structure allows for all the useful report types to be created. The biggest issue we have is we cannot use Gantt charts easily as our database is not setup to create these well.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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