QuickBase Review

The dynamic form rules allow a large number of possible permissions and accesses, but advanced users could use more programming options.

Valuable Features

  • The reporting is very powerful and very easy.
  • Dynamic form rules allow a large number of possibilities as far as permissions and access.

Improvements to My Organization

  • Less paperwork and better flow from department to department.
  • Better communication and better customer service through reporting and notifications.

Room for Improvement

Make more programming options for advanced users.

Get rid of the limit on the number of dynamic form rules allowed in one form.

Use of Solution

2 years

Deployment Issues

We encountered no issues with deployment outside of the expected tweaks we had to make in functionality. Tech support has been very very good.

Stability Issues

In two years, our application has crashed only once. and the tech support at QuickBase had it back up in minutes. Very stable.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is not a problem. We use a single application for many transactions, many departments and many different tasks/uses.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Level of customer service is amazing. Not only do they always quickly respond to any problem, they call periodically just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Technical Support:

Great tech support. Between the customer service when there is a problem and the community forum where QB professionals regularly answer questions, you can't beat it.

Previous Solutions

No, we previously were doing everything by hand and on paper. We grew quickly and it became no longer viable to conduct business that way.

Initial Setup

The initial setup is very straightforward. You make an account and get with a representative and then you are on your way.

Implementation Team

We developed everything in-house. It is so intuitive that application can be developed, tested and launched by one person with limited programming experience.


Great return. We are able to do more business and more efficiently than before using QuickBase. The cost is tiny compared to what it has allowed us to accomplish.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I would advise others to talk to a member of the QuickBase sales staff. They are very knowledgeable and will get you a plan to fit your needs.

Other Solutions Considered

Not many, when we saw all that Quickbase was capable of, we jumped on it. It was just what we were looking for in a business support application.

Other Advice

QuickBase is very intuitive, very powerful and a great way to increase efficiency, productivity and overall performance of any business.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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