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RabbitMQ Review
Complex message routing enables us to replicate product data for user acceptance testing.

Valuable Features:

Complex message routing makes it very easy to replicate product data for user acceptance testing which was required in our user case.

Improvements to My Organization:

Applying message queues in general has helped my company, BuzzNumber, to scale easily with the load.

Room for Improvement:

The High Availability feature is not really reliable. It also took a really long time to restart the box when there were a lot of messages in the queue.

As mentioned on its document page, it cannot tolerate network partition well.
I suffered a network parturition with 3 nodes cluster and lost all data. So with our cloud provider, we can’t rely on pause_minority and seems like auto_heal is a better fit for us.

Apart from that, RabbitMQ doesn’t seem to be stable when it has high RAM usage. Especially when you have millions of queue items in a queue and a node crashes, adding a new node to such cluster will be a pain as the replication takes forever.

Use of Solution:

We have used the solution for two years.

Stability Issues:

We encountered an issue with stability. It didn't work very well with millions of messages in the queue when you add a new node to the cluster.

Scalability Issues:

There were no specific issues with scalability except the issue of adding a new node to the cluster.

Technical Support:

We used the open source version with community support, so we didn't contact technical support.

Previous Solutions:

We previously used MSMQ. Apparently, it is not as good as RabbitMQ in terms of the features offered.

Initial Setup:

The setup is easy.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing:

This is not applicable, as we were using the free version.

Other Solutions Considered:

I am not aware of other evaluated options.

Other Advice:

I would advise potential customers to make sure it works with your architecture, scale plan, and load. There are other alternatives.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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