Rally Software Review

It integrates with Rally so we don't have to use and maintain our infrastructure, but while it's stable and doesn't crash, at times the performance is slow.

Valuable Features

It provides overall functionality in project management and release tracking all in one tool. Those are our main things. Additionally, it provides integration with JIRA and ALM. The Rally guys came in and said they would integrate, and that’s a great feature. We don’t have to use our infrastructure, so maintenance of the system is avoided.

Room for Improvement

The UI had some issues, but I attended sessions at CA World 2015 and they updated this. But they still need to improve performance.

Stability Issues

It is stable, but at times the performance is slow. It doesn’t crash, but it's slow.

Also, because it’s on the CA network, we have API connectivity to Rally. However, our server proxy cannot talk to the Rally systems. Rally has a fix for that, which is working for now, but we need a long term solution.

Scalability Issues

We have 800-1200 users. I haven’t seen any issues so far. Rally was installed three months ago and the transition is going well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The response times are good and the support is very good. I deal with a few guys, so when I email them I get a quick response.

Previous Solutions

Our VP was given a presentation on project management, defect management, and release tracking all in one tool, which excited him. Then we were given a demonstration, and the fact that our existing tool didn’t do those things made Agile Management an easy choice.

Initial Setup

Set up of the software is easy but the integration is complex. If you are only using it as a tool, it is good, but the integration is not so straightforward.

Other Advice

If you tell me you are using VersionOne, you would get more for your money with similar costs from CA Agile Management. So more value, that’s number one because being with a bigger company means you get more value with the community. If you are not using any tool, then you should start using a tool, and this is a good start.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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