ReadyTech Review

Accessible on Restrictive Networks, but I had some issues with Linux Desktop

Valuable Features:

The Platform is accessible on Restrictive Networks.

Improvements to My Organization:

Once I uploaded my training VM, ReadyTech was able to make it available to all of the class members through standard ports. Instructor is able to take over or view student VMs.

Room for Improvement:

I had some issues with the Linux Desktop where the LabManager software would freeze while I was in vim. Support team was very responsive, but couldn't reproduce the issue.

Use of Solution:

One Month

Deployment Issues:

Although they have sites for US, Asia, EU, they were only able to deploy training at one site, which for a class that contains members from multiple continents is a problem. The participants in India suffered from very bad latency.

Customer Service:

Excellent. Very responsive 24/7 team that addressed most issues.

Previous Solutions:

I had worked with using VNC in Amazon. I thought this might be a way to simplify things.

Initial Setup:

Pretty easy. FTP up a VM and ReadyTech deploys it. Copying files after it was uploaded was a multi-step process that could be improved upon.

Implementation Team:

ReadyTech is a cloud solution that I was able to work with directly.


It enabled me to meet my short-term timeline, but it is expensive.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

The $500 setup fee was waived once the revenue for ReadyTech exceeded $1500.

Other Solutions Considered:

ReadyTech came through word-of-mouth, so decided to go forward with them. I couldn't find any comparable solutions.

Other Advice:

The sales person was obnoxious and seemed perturbed that I was asking for pricing on various configurations. I asked how much for the 8GB solution and he quoted me for 2GB, which was what I went forward with, thinking he had answered my question directly. You'll have to do your own analysis of the price sheet because the sales team can't be bothered. He went on a 3 week vacation while I was running my class and his out-of-the-office pointed me to another person who was on vacation too. I got into trouble on the price of the solution and the sales team did nothing to help me out.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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