Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals Review

We use it to see the experience of users hitting our sites and analyze performance by region, browser, etc.

Improvements to My Organization

Mean time to isolate a problem has dropped by 50-75% in each region since we've deployed the Riverbed SteelCentral suite. We're also able to isolate further at first look and select the correct resources to continue troubleshooting.

Valuable Features

  • Transaction Trace Warehouse (TTW) which records all transactions all the time, and lets us see performance down to the line of code.
  • Browsermetrix, which is real-user monitoring via JS injection and linked back to TTW via cookie. It allows us to see the experience of every user hitting our sites and analyze performance by region, browser, etc.

Room for Improvement

Ability to trace transactions though non .Net/Java Layers has recently been added, but it's still dependent on a separate, traceable, unique ID.

Deployment and agent patch management is not managed centrally, resulting in a large level of effort to update.

Stability Issues

We have had no issues with the stability.

Scalability Issues

In v8, the Dashboard and Browsermetrix products had issues with concurrent viewers. Riverbed supported us though modifications and incorporated a better design in v9.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support from our sales team and internal product owners at Riverbed has been exceptional. The call-in help desk team is just OK.

Previous Solutions

We used and continue to use several traditional monitoring tools (SCOM), but we selected Riverbed for application performance monitoring, which grew to include network management and security use cases in the Riverbed ecosystem.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was mostly very simple and has improved dramatically in v10. The slightly complex parts are around defining Java parameters and configuring Linux OS permissions.

Other Solutions Considered

We did POC deployments of Riverbed, AppDynamics, and CA APM. About 20 others were cut at RFI/RFP.

Other Advice

Your most immediate benefits will come from the ARX appliances, but the real rock star is TTW.

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