Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals Review

Being able to have the transaction stitched together so we can see where the problem is has proven invaluable.

Improvements to My Organization

Cuts down on the time to resolve complicated application issues. We have been able to trace individual transactions to identify where the issue is whether in the application code, server or network.

Valuable Features

Transaction Tracing is the most useful. Being able to have the transaction stitched together so we can see where the problem is has proven invaluable.

Room for Improvement

Support for PHP, DB and other applications need to be supported. We have a broad range of applications that we would like visibility into but the list of currently supported applications is very small.

Stability Issues

We had no issues with stability of either the agent or console.

Scalability Issues

We don’t have any scalability issues but we also do not have a large install base, yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

9/10 - we had a couple of issues that required opening up tickets. The Riverbed support engineers usually resolve issues in a timely manner.

Previous Solutions

I didn't use anything similar to this in the past.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was pretty straightforword. We watched the installation videos and read the documentation to prepare. The two issues we ran into were permissions of the installation account to the folder structure and the agent not being supported on particular OS versions.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It’s pricey. The licensing changed from v9 to v10. The licensing model for v9 is better where it is an individual license per server, while v10 licenses are per JVM/ .NET and server instance. The latter model appears to be the model that other APM vendors are using.

Other Solutions Considered

This solution was chosen prior to my joining the company.

Other Advice

Read the documentation and watch as many videos as you can. Also verify that your application servers OS support the agent.

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