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The capability of analysing each individual transaction captured to a very low level detail is valuable.

Improvements to My Organization

I was part of a Test Organization (focused on Performance Engineering) and TTW allows our engineers to provide many more improvements opportunities to the developers while improving software performance. It was not just saying where the problem was, but the tool was an enabler for more technical people to nail down the root cause of problems and propose better solutions. After the tool was installed in applications, the confidence of the team improved towards raising more specific performance defects.

Valuable Features

This product has really wonderful features and one of the most valuable ones is the transaction searches into TTW. This will show you the operations that occurred under conditions that the user specifies, giving you the opportunity to drill down on the things that are more important and affecting system performance.

Besides that, the capability of analysing each individual transaction captured to a very low level detail (method call/line of code). This ability empowers the testing teams to provide more visibility to developers on how they can improve.

Room for Improvement

There are some functional bugs when using TTW and making report queries (to generate graphs). I remember them failing once in a while and then the time taken to complete a task was higher since long running reports needed to be played again.

Also, they should find a way for report generation from TTW to run quicker. Maybe it is the case of telling the user what kind of indexes/options could be used in each type of report to make it faster (in a help or “hint” approach).

Stability Issues

The implementation we had in our organization was very stable. I

Scalability Issues

I would say there were opportunities for scalability, since many engineers were triggering heavy reports it took time to complete. However, as I was not managing infrastructure, I am not sure if we have used all resources.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have not used technical support.

Previous Solutions

I have worked, in the past, with Mercury Diagnostics for performance troubleshooting and later (currently) with AppDynamics. From the experience I had with these three tools, I realized that Riverbed was superior in all aspects (performance, user experience, and features).

Initial Setup

Since it was not me doing this activity, I cannot comment on it.

Implementation Team

When I worked with Riverbed, there was an internal team responsible for implementation and maintenance. I took the user role to provide input to development teams.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I have not participated in negotiations. Cannot comment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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