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Saba Cloud Review
Clients can create external pages and then integrate them within the product.

Valuable Features

Features such as the auto waitlist, prescriptive rules and team approvals are the most valuable in this product.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows the clients to do their customization within and outside of this product. For example, they can create external pages and can integrate them with Saba.

Room for Improvement

They can make it more simple in terms of UI. The UI is complex in regards to the navigation and functionality.

Use of Solution

I have used this solution, i.e., the Saba Enterprise and Saba Cloud, for more than five years.

Deployment Issues

We did not face any issues while deploying the product nor did we encounter any stability issues either.

However, we may have faced some issues while dealing with enhancements.

Customer Service and Technical Support

  • For the Saba Enterprise editions - Technical support is average.
  • For the Saba Cloud platform - Technical support is good.

Previous Solutions

I have been working with Saba from the beginning of my career and I am still continuing to do so.

Initial Setup

It was quite simple and straightforward.

Implementation Team

It should be a mutual co-operation between the vendor and in-house teams in order to implement the product. No single team, i.e., neither the in-house nor the vendor team, can individually implement this product.

Other Advice

I would advise others to compare with other LMS products before they stick to any particular one.

They should consider other factors such as their user count, usability, budget, risk management, disaster management, the various types of functionalities that they are looking for and so on.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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