SailPoint IdentityIQ Review

This is the best product of its type available however the price is very high

Valuable Features:

  1. Very user friendly unified UI (for users and administrators)
  2. An excellent out-of-the-box features (hierarchical RBAC, flexible provisioning policies, role-mining, certifications, life-cycle events, etc)
  3. Modest hardware requirements
  4. A large list of out-of-the-box connectors (with no additional charge)
  5. Using only standard java technologies (java, beanshell, HTML, jsp, JavaScript, XML, some Apache projects)
  6. Possibility to deploy the solution on different DBMS and application servers of your choice
  7. Very fast implementation of the solution with custom modifications

Room for Improvement:

  1. The price is very high
  2. The partnership program is very inflexible
  3. Provisioning. This functionality sometimes require too much coding to implement some customers' requirements
  4. "Ease of use." IdentityIQ has a function that can be described as duplication (this can depend on the point of view) for example, groups, population, and work-groups
  5. Implement the support of organizational structure

Use of Solution:

About one year.

Deployment Issues:

Yes, of course. Every time, when you implement a project for a customer you will encounter some issues.  The primary question - how quickly the vendor will help you with issues, or how strong are the programmers and engineers in your team to find a solution in-house.

Stability Issues:

No, I didn't.

Scalability Issues:

No, I didn't.

Previous Solutions:

Of course. In addition to SailPoint IdentityIQ I have experience in implementing MS FIM 2010, OIM 11gR2, and Oracle Waveset (Sun IDM) 8.

In my opinion this is the best product and I agree with Gartner which described it as the best product in the "Identity Governance and Administration Magic Quadrant" in 2013-2014.

Initial Setup:

I would say it's simple (compared with OIM 11gR2, but more difficult when compared with MS FIM 2010 R2).
IdentityIQ has very good documentation and you shouldn't face problems with the installation.

Implementation Team:

With an internal team. All team members have very strong experience in the IDM sphere, including working experience with other IDM vendors (Sun, Oracle, IBM).

Other Advice:

SailPoint IdentityIQ is a very good product (in my opinion - it is the best product and it took the leading place in Gartner's Magic Quadrant two years in a row) and I can recommend it to all who are looking for a very strong IDM solution (if the price suits you).

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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