SailPoint IdentityIQ Review

Reporting and some GUI areas need work but we have consolidated a single view of a user's access to multiple systems.

Valuable Features

  • Certification
  • Full Life Cycle management of IT system accounts

Improvements to My Organization

  • It has, for the first time, consolidated a single view of a user's access to the company's multiple IT systems
  • This has now allowed us to confidently cleanup a large proportion of accounts that could not previously have been easily identified as no longer required
  • Furthermore, it has forced ownership of non-user/non-individual accounts and accountability of them

Room for Improvement

  • Reporting and some GUI aspects. Reporting lacks the flexibility of retrieving the vast amount of data that we know is in the database, but not easily accessible
  • Scheduling also comes short, specifically when it comes to multiple jobs that are interdependent (e.g. preventing certain groups of jobs from running concurrently)

Use of Solution

Five years across different companies.

Deployment Issues

Yes - Some application connectors (namely Lotus Notes) - have some fundamental flaws. But the major issue was cleaning up, what we expected to be, authoritative data - specifically HR data, and users not in HR (eg. contractors, etc) and ensuring global consistency and adherence to standards.

Stability Issues

Not of the core product, but some issues with some of the connectors (especially Lotus Notes, and ServiceNow). This has led to some issues with daily batch jobs which either time out, hang, or are terminated and this has in turn, we suspect, created some internal DB link corruptions.

Scalability Issues

Not yet. Though current nightly batch jobs range from completing within 8 hours to 48 hours, with no obvious reasons as to why

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Very good.

Technical Support:

Very good.

Previous Solutions

Yes we did. We switched because the solution no longer offered support as it was sold to Sailpoint.

Initial Setup

It was complex. Identity and account management is very heavily dependent on the accuracy, authority, and timing of the source data. As the implementation progressed, we became aware more and more that some of the missing detail (especially around the exceptions of when a central unique Employee number is actually "central" or consistent, or the complexity of some of the attributes - e.g. whether their validity is date dependent, allowing for multiple values, etc) will cause issues in the proposed processes and the timing of providing access when required.

Implementation Team

We used a vendor whose level of expertise was excellent.


No ROI as of yet.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It was two years give or take.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes - NetIQ, Oracle, and SAP.

Other Advice

Spend double the time/money up front in fully understanding your business requirements, opportunities for process changes. Also ensure you get a detailed understanding of identity and access business processes and understand your HR (and other authoritative) data source.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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