Salesforce Sales Cloud Review

Very satisified with this solution but alarms for overdue tasks needs improvement

Valuable Features

I really like the Sales and Marketing related tabs as there is Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Reports and the very practical and self-explaining use of Salesforce. The Software offers a nice overview and doesn't let you forget about any planned or scheduled tasks with reminder functions as well.

Improvements to My Organization

Salesforce helps me very well organizing my daily tasks and shows me an overview what I have reached every day or offers me reports which can be easily created and saved for my personal way of working.

Room for Improvement

They should think about introducing some sort of fire system (colours: green - yellow - red) to set alarms of overdue tasks.

Use of Solution

Since May 2013, every day

Deployment Issues


Stability Issues

One day in the morning it broke, but the support team quickly helped me get back to speed with it.

Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I'd give it an A - perfectly satisfied

Technical Support:

I'd give it an A

Previous Solutions

Oracle Siebel, Update seven and others - all of them not very practical, no real overview or easy way of handling. It took much longer to become acquainted with these systems.

Initial Setup

Absolutely straightforward - no difficulties there as far as I learned from our IT team

Other Solutions Considered

I was lucky not to need to evaluate other solutions, as my company chose this product.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employeesVendor

You said that one day in the morning the application broke and the support team quickly helped you to make it run again. Can you tell me, please, what was the reason of this failure?

04 August 14
Alliances Manager at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employeesReal User

I have used salesforce for 5 years. Its very configurable and can be customized. In our case we sent people to class so we would have our own admins to do upgrades and create changes and new views depending upon the group using it (i.e sales, marketing, management, etc) I believe our configuration meant we had a local copy of salesforce so when it was down, I believe it was on our side and not the actual site since I could login but had no views. I have never seen any notices about having long outages.

04 August 14
Stefanie Schwab-FiedlerReal UserLEADERBOARD

Good morning Alin,
Unfortunately we still don't know the reason for this break-down! But I got support the very same day.


05 August 14
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