Salesforce Service Cloud Review

Reports and Dashboards allow management to follow support KPIs, such as number of cases closed vs. received, age of open cases, count of cases assigned to each rep, etc.

Valuable Features

There are several valuable features:

  • Case assignment rules allow for auto assignment of cases as they are received.
  • Email-to-Case allows me to set an email address to receive cases. I distribute that to my customers and they create cases for me when they email that address. I don’t have to keep up with cases within my inbox.
  • Queues allow cases to be sent to a queue, which has multiple members. They each are notified of a new case and can take ownership as necessary.

Improvements to My Organization

Our support team are aware of the outstanding issues that need to be addressed in terms of open cases. Statuses allow us to organize them in a meaningful way. Reports and Dashboards allow management to follow support KPIs, such as number of cases closed vs. received, age of open cases, count of cases assigned to each rep, etc.

Room for Improvement

They could improve upon analytics. The reporting function is extremely user-friendly and powerful. I can get the reports that I need 99% of the time, but it is not a robust BI tool.

Use of Solution

I've used Service Cloud since 2009 as first a customer and then as an implementation consultant. I have implemented it in various companies with multiple verticals.

Deployment Issues

We've had no issues deploying it.

Stability Issues

The stability is unmatched.

Scalability Issues

The scalability is unmatched.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is great.

Technical Support:

Technical support is great. Opt for the higher “Premium Support” to open up support channels like Chat with support as well as training videos on demand.

Initial Setup

It is what you make it. I have implemented it with a simple configuration without many rules around who can do what in what status and when people should be notified of happenings.

I have implemented it with more complex business rules that required a bit more configuration. The product is set up to allow for both as well as scalability from a simple to complex set up as the organization needs it to grow.

Implementation Team

We implemented it through a vendor because of a lack of in-house knowledge at the time. I have since been an implementation consultant who has seen initial in-house implementations. Salesforce is so admin friendly that the temptation to try it out alone is strong. I know that budget can be a concern but I would advise to use a vendor who knows the product.

In most cases, it takes more effort (and money) to fix what in-house novices have put in place than it would have been to set it up right the first time. If the in-house crew has a good technical aptitude, they can usually carry on from there. Just get the foundation right to ensure user adoption and scalability.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Purchase a license for any and all users. Sharing a login hinders usability and visibility of who did what and when. Some third-party vendors can get reports to non-users, but anyone who needs to do anything in the system needs to have their own license.

Other Solutions Considered

We did evaluate Microsoft CRM, but you get what you pay for there. We needed the flexibility and dependability of the Salesforce product.

Other Advice

I love this product. I believe it is the best in the industry and is only getting better. Use an implementation partner for initial setup and get the foundation right before trying to venture out on your own. Assign an individual(s) as the system admins and use the implementation as a training ground for them. Make sure they understand the configuration put in place by the vendor so that they can maintain going forward and possibly manage tweaks on their own. Technical aptitude is a must when choosing those admins.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We're partners.
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