SanDisk SSD Review

Transfer speeds are very fast and it helps with the amount of time it takes to transfer large video files and even pictures.

Valuable Features:

The most valuable features I've noticed is that my SSD boots very fast like in seconds instead of minutes like my hard drive did. My SSD doesn't always have 100% utilization like my hard drive. And the speed of the SSD is a lot more instantaneous so transfer speeds are very fast and it helps with the amount of time it takes to transfer large video files and even pictures. Streaming media from the SSD is flawless it works perfectly with my gigabit network. With no hickups in the video or pictures the SSD never reaches 100% utilization ever. The SSD doesn't get hot when it's under full load. 

Improvements to My Organization:

In my data center I only have hard drives, with no SSD storage, but I always wish I could have some SSD storage to speed up with transfers and boot up devices faster. Currently, I have two boot SSDs - one in my storage array and one in my personal laptop. My laptop has a 240GB SanDisk SSD and I freaking love it. It works flawlessly and my storage array boots up very fast with a SanDisk SSD. I've never had an SSD as a boot drive and there's a big difference between SSDs and hard drives. I used to have to wait forever for my storage array to boot and file transfers were longer than I want. Me and my friend shoot videos and photos, and time-lapse videos of nature around Colorado. We struggle for enough storage space for all of our pictures, videos, and documents. I hope one day I can have a data center with all SSD storage. It would improve my workflow I can spend more time with my family instead of waiting for file transfers to finish. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to get a chance to win .

Room for Improvement:

When I got my SSD, I tried installing Windows 10 on it and it did not work, as it said the SSD was not formatted for a GPT drive. You should include instructions or help with installing Windows or a different OS. I had a lot of trouble with it. I reached out to my friends who maybe could help and the SSD still wouldn't let me install Windows 10. Then I tried formatting the drive for a GPT drive, made an empty partition and then all of a sudden it worked. They should make the is clone software free, and the coating on the SSD feels weird. 

They should make the SSD a GPT drive so it's easier for people to install an OS on it. You could make OS cloning software free to download and use. It would've been very helpful to me. I tried making the SSD a boot drive for a week straight and spent endless hours trying to install an OS on the SSD . What I'm saying is you should format the drive as a GPT drive and make bootable partition. The partition was formatted as an MBR drive and the partition was not set up to install an OS on it. It also needs a different coating.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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