SanDisk SSD Review

I can keep one or two Adobe Premiere or After Effects projects on it.

Valuable Features:

I currently own a SanDisk SSD. My computer boots faster than ever, loads applications that I have located on it almost instantly, and never fails or crashes. I also keep one or two Adobe Premiere or After Effects projects on it. 

This solid state drive is the best. It was cheap, only around $70 when I purchased it, and is the most reliable piece of hardware out there. I have relieved so much pain from my life choosing this SSD. 

No more BSODs, no more laggy game captures/FPS drops in the games I play, and it didn't take much setup at all. Phenomenal performance for the price I paid. Perfect for me, I recommend it to everyone in need of a great upgrade. 

Room for Improvement:

I have only a few aspects of this SSD that can be improved. First of all, the hard plastic "shell" on the drive seems a little weak. When transporting the drive to my second computer, I noticed it rattled a little, it would be nice if the shell was more solid. I want to feel security when I pick up the piece of hardware that contains the most important pieces to my company. Also, the SATA port on the SSD seem a little loose, the cable has the potential to drop off of the back of the drive. Same goes for the SATA power cable. 

I would like to see a sleeker design. I want to be able to feel security when I pick it up, so maybe a metal case? Something that when I hold it, it feels heavy. It feels sleek and secure; there is no busting it up if it is dropped. Another suggestion is the ports on the back are a little more tightened, so the cables have no way of falling out of the back. Another cool aesthetic I would like to see is a logo. No more plain "SanDisk" logo at the top. A cool, sleek design engraved would be awesome. Even though no one sees the hardware in a computer (for the most part), it would add a professional vibe to it. 

Deployment Issues:

I've had no issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

I've had no issues with stability.

Scalability Issues:

I've had no issues with scalability.

Other Solutions Considered:

Currently my gaming team relies on a small amount of hard disc space to be able to record and make videos for YouTube. We would like to move to Flash Arrays as they will not only expand , but further eliminate the limits of data centers.  With an increase in storage, our company will be able to save larger files, and run many projects at once, creating more and more content for the YouTube world. 

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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