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SAP Business Objects Review
New features and more efficient install add value

Valuable Features:

Semantic Layer (Universes), ease of use

New Undelete of Public objects..

New Dashboard of overall environment

Room for Improvement:

Java Applet still relying on the quirkiness of Java VM, and potential version mis-matches.

Use of Solution:

10+ Years

Deployment Issues:

With proper planning and understanding of the application landscape the deployment is fairly straight forward.  Better to do a new install if you have multiple updates and patches...better to build from scratch vs remodel

Scalability Issues:

Highly scalable, new configuration wizard with 4.1 version assists in scaling correctly.

Customer Service:


Technical Support:

Fair to Poor..Business Objects sometimes gets lost in the quagmire of SAP

Previous Solutions:


Initial Setup:

Depends on the deployment. Can be very complex in a 100% fail over/fault tolerant/load balanced scenario.

Implementation Team:

I deploy for clients.

Other Solutions Considered:


Other Advice:

Use a consulting firm with expertise in deployment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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