SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Review

The setup wizard is pretty straightforward but they need to make more support resources available.

Valuable Features

  • The "View where used" option is very useful when looking to see where work flows, data flows etc.. have been used throughout the project
  • Migration from one version to another because it's simple
  • Being able to query the metadata has been very useful

Improvements to My Organization

  • The Business Object tool from SAP has provided the business with reports both in graphical and table (spreadsheet) form
  • Provided an easy way to send out reports on a schedule
  • ETL has been able to be implemented thanks to the many components available in the Data Services tool.

Room for Improvement

  • Better community support
  • More support resources should be available
  • They need to make it possible to rename data stores once they are created.

Use of Solution

I've used Business Objects together with Data Services for 10 months.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues

The amount of resources used has caused the system to fail from time to time. To resolve the issues, it is necessary to perform server and service restarts.

Scalability Issues

No issues encountered.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

When I came to work for the company they already had this solution. However, we did an upgrade to a more current version.

Initial Setup

The wizard is pretty straightforward. The configuration and connections were also aided by a wizard.

Implementation Team

A mix of both, before moving forward with the upgrade the vendor gave us suggestions on what we needed to do after looking at our current system. They were helpful in that initial stage of the upgrade, but the actual upgrade was done by an in-house team.

Other Advice

Make sure you understand the needs of the business and to evaluate different products before committing to a specific one.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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