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SAP Crystal Reports Review
Distribution of reports has been improved.

Valuable Features:

Native connection, Subreports, pixel free formatting, free hand SQL, multiple sources, supports most databases

Improvements to My Organization:

Distribution of reports has been improved.

Room for Improvement:

Adhoc and tabbed reporting should be added to the next release.

Use of Solution:

I've been using it for 14 years.

Deployment Issues:

There were no issues with the deployment.

Stability Issues:

It crashes the designer when the tool with no clear error messages. Working with LOV and Business Views are challenging when migrating environments.

Scalability Issues:

It's been able to scale for our needs.

Technical Support:

It's good.

Previous Solutions:

We didn't have another solution in place, and use this because of its flexibility and functionality.

Initial Setup:

Straightforward as it has a native development tool, or working with .Net and (or) Java and deployment to Management console. Setting up the management console is a process.

Implementation Team:

Implementation of tool needs an implementation partner to follow the best practices and reduce the maintenance issues.

Other Solutions Considered:

We didn't look at any other solutions.

Other Advice:

Perform analysis the purpose of the solution when selecting as oppose to select the solution and define the process.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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