SAP Master Data Governance Review

We use it for the management of SAP master data with enterprise-wide workflows, but it needs improved mass editing functions.

Valuable Features

SAP ERP integration - infrastructure, data model, and data distribution.

Improvements to My Organization

We have used this for management of SAP master data with enterprise wide workflows for objects material, such as banks, customers, and vendor.

Room for Improvement

  • Improved mass editing functions
  • Complete alignement with SAP ERP data model
  • Improved document
  • Better rich-text handling

Use of Solution

I've used it since 2013.

Deployment Issues

Not as long as you stay inside the set standards.

Stability Issues

Not as long as you stay inside the set standards.

Scalability Issues

Not as long as you stay inside the set standards.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It is the standard level that we use from SAP. Thorough and slow, but it's very administrative if you follow strictly by the rules. It helps to know a few guys.

Previous Solutions

We did use and implement different solutions, either a custom made office solution (Notes, Sharepoint, Mail) or a Standalone SAP System. We chose this solution becauseit has -

  • Built in SAP Data model
  • Configuration rules
  • Data validation rules
  • Preconfigured workflow
  • Staging possibilities,
  • Built in status tracking and reporting

Initial Setup

The setup is straigthforward if you have a clear definition of the target structure and data defintions. If you have various versions of data definitions across the target landscape, the setup and rules defintition (how to transform/interpret data depending on the source-target relationships) becomes very complex. In short, the technology is straightforward, but it does not turn bad data into good data.

Implementation Team

Both, implementation success is largely dependant on the maturity of Master Data Management overall. You will need most support on the conceptual definition of the degree and level of harmonization of data across the enterprise. Technical consulting is required depending on you in-house SAP expertise: you need SAP BW Workflow, ABAP coding and Webdynpro skills, plus a solid SAP Basis.

Other Solutions Considered

Classical MDM in SAP ERP (Custm Transactions & SAP Business Workflow)

SharePoint based Forms

Lotus notes based Forms

Other Advice

Strong solid base in the SAP ERP, but it needs to improve its maturity in certain elements (data model coverage, performance, usability, and search).

  1. SAP MDG is only a valid product if your core ERP is SAP
  2. SAP MDG becomes a must if you have multiple SAP implementations that require harmonized master data
  3. SAP MDG on HANA is a good start for SAP HANA
  4. Try to stick to the standard of Master Data Governance even if you have to cut back in scope
  5. Performance issues and maintenance complexity will eat away your ROI
  6. Start simple and build on the experience
Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We are a partner of SAP for a number of solutions, but we do not have a relationship with them regarding MDM or MDG.
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