Sauce Labs Review

Sauce labs enables speed to market and supports continuous integration

Valuable Features:

In my previous company, we used Sauce Labs to enable the team to test with various operating systems and browsers without having to own each of them. 

Improvements to My Organization:

Their product gave us the ability to run multiple teams of testers across the various platforms that would be used by our customers without having to physically have the infrastructure in place. This drive our movement into continuous integration and the ability to test earlier in the cycle.

Room for Improvement:


Use of Solution:

over a year

Deployment Issues:

No. It was very easy to install and implement from day one. 

Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:


Customer Service:

Customer service from the initial query to sauce labs to the product evaluation to contract negotiations to purchase and installation was seamless. They are so accommodating and easy to work with and this allowed us to go from initial discussion to implementation in what I would consider one of the shortest timeframes I've seen with a new product. And I have seen many products in my 21+ year career.

Previous Solutions:


Initial Setup:

It was very easy and we were up and running the product the same day.

Implementation Team:

Purchased and implemented directly through Sauce Labs.


High but I cannot disclose value.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Very low but cannot disclose amount.

Other Solutions Considered:


Other Advice:


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