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Fast, scalable, flexible, reliable in-the-cloud-Selenium

Valuable Features

The on-demand provisioning, the multiple operating system and browser choices (including multiple versions), as well as the really nice screenshots and videos, as well, are key.

Improvements to My Organization

Having full logs, with videos and screenshots, has really helped us work more closely within our own team, as well as, more importantly, being able to show developers (automatically!) what the precise problem is.

Use of Solution

Since around August of 2011

Deployment Issues

Integration with Sauce has been a breeze for us here at Mozilla.

Stability Issues

At various times, there are high-latency launches, or outright timeouts, but the Sauce Ops team has been pretty good about both 1) acknowledging the issue/investigation 2) working steadily to resolve it.

Scalability Issues

At times, the brief outages or slow service responses have temporarily hampered our fairly large (in terms of concurrency) test-automation runs, but that's not very often.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Sauce support has been very helpful -- always friendly, pretty prompt, and thorough, too -- even when it's not always a direct problem with their service or our usage of it.

Technical Support:

For our needs, the customer service and technical support come through the same channel, and we've been very happy with the level and quality of responsive support we receive.

Initial Setup

Being an open-source organization, we wrote our own custom plugin to handle integration of both our in-house Selenium Grid as well as Sauce Labs (, and although I didn't personally do any of that coding work, can attest that the APIs Sauce provides have made it pretty easy for us to do that integration and setup work.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

We are lucky to enjoy Sauce Labs's "Open Sauce" program, as an open-source, not-for-profit organization:

Other Solutions Considered

We did look (back in 2001) at other vendors, but found the business side and open-source/project relationships fit well with us.

Other Advice

As a disclaimer, I have done a number of Selenium Meetups with Sauce Labs, as well as a few blog posts which have covered our usage of the service, as well as, finally, authored a Featured Customer case study, in which I expound on nearly all the points I've made here:

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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