Sauce Labs Review

With it, we have a clean, lean, and bug-free site that displays well on mobile, though the cost could be improved.

Valuable Features:

Sauce has all of the wanted features, from just about any major OS, any major browser, and different resolutions. I can't imagine how complicated it is to support such a vast array but they seem to have done it. A client has an issue on FF on 1920x1080? No problem. I can spin up a VM instance and instantly confirm the issue. This helps us bring a new responsive web experience to users and quickly fix strange issues that would literally require a server farm to have each version of every OS!

Improvements to My Organization:

A more clean, lean, and bug-free site! We know our site works on mobile. We know our site looks good on Safari 8 1280x1024. We know android phones display the website perfectly. It makes sure that the user doesn't get a bad experience which is crucial these days.

Room for Improvement:

I don't really know of any, I wish everything life was a bit cheaper, so maybe that? I honestly have no complaints. They did all of the hard work so our lives are easier and the users get a better experience every time.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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