Sauce Labs Review

Valuable for the multitude of devices and browser/OS combinations they provide for real device testing.

Valuable Features:

Sauce Labs is valuable to my job for the multitude of devices and browser/OS combinations they provide for real device testing. I am able to eliminate the part where I have to find a human with that device or browser and have them test (potentially not even do that correct), and do the testing quickly at my desk. It also allows Selenium script testing which eliminates more human error.

Improvements to My Organization:

It has improved our organization by testing our website on more devices and browsers that what our company currently owned. We were able to test on the newest browsers without installing them on our computer, or testing the newest OS without having to update our mobile devices.

Room for Improvement:

It would be nice if they could ask for the URL and what browser/OS I want to test in, but not just one combination, I want the ability to start up 10 concurrently at a time. I would also like to put in a username and password before the launch of the test so it will auto put those in all on 10 instead of going into 10 tabs and having to put the same information over and over again.

Use of Solution:

Our company has been using SL for almost 2 years now in my department, and several more years in other departments.

Stability Issues:

Initially there was some stability issues with IE9 combos but have since been resolved. They have excellent customer service.

Customer Service:

Customer service is top notch. When you report a bug or inquire about something they get back to you with a plan of action, not just "ok we will let our team know". It's refreshing having a company that wants to work better for its customers.

Previous Solutions:

Previously we used BrowserStack, but since they couldn't comply to our legal terms we were able to find Sauce Labs and are better for it.

Initial Setup:

Sauce Labs was very easy to use for it's basic needs, but using Sauce Connect was very confusing. I am a technical person, but the documentation needs to be a little more "dummy" friendly for nonprogrammers. This sites documentation is really more geared for the software engineer rather than the Qa Engineer in my opinion.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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