Sauce Labs Review
The CI integration with Jenkins is why we were able to make a case to include this product in our ATDD process.

Valuable Features

It's ability to test on multiple browsers and OS combinations is invaluable as a QA tool. However, it's CI integration with Jenkins is why we were able to make a case to include this product in our ATDD process.

Improvements to My Organization

This has helped greatly as our organization switches from a waterfall method to an Agile method of software development. The transition is difficult and hectic at times, as it requires a big change in the way we think about, and treat the development process. Sauce Labs, which blends seamlessly into Agile and ATDD processes, has made the process much smoother from a QA perspective.

Room for Improvement

Rarely, some tests fail, seemingly without cause, and will succeed again the next time we run the tests. This isn't a behavior we saw when testing locally.

Use of Solution

I've been working in QA for about 6 months now, and began using Sauce Labs about 3 months ago.

Deployment Issues

We have not deployed yet, but we see no signs of issues in the future.

Scalability Issues

None so far.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I have yet to engage their customer service directly, but the support pages are full of valuable information. Maybe it could use better organization, but it's there..

Technical Support:

We have a Sauce Labs admin at my company who deals with tech support, I have had no experience with them. However, after an initial hiccup when they were setting up tunnels so that we could test internal apps, I have seen no technical problems.

Previous Solutions

I am new to this QA position and after doing research, Sauce Labs was my first choice.

Initial Setup

As a brand new hire, I cannot speak to how easily a seasoned QA role would see initial setup. I was learning Selenium while trying to setup Sauce Labs, and the materials were not so straight forward as to make the process easy for someone so new. It took me a few weeks to really get the hang of things, but I'm confident initial setup on a new project would be simple the next time.

Implementation Team

I am a user in my company, I had no interaction with the vender.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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